About Strand Consulting

My name is Vicki Strand, and I love to help people succeed.

Taking stock of my sales and leadership focused career, it was easy to see that in each of my roles, my scope of responsibility always expanded.  Projects and initiatives requiring that I collaborate, create and implement new programs, business units, teams, and processes were continually added on as the companies changed.  Seems folks thought I was good at these things! And, of course, at the heart of each initiative were people who would learn, grow, and change so we could deliver what we set out to achieve. Guiding those individuals, teams, and leaders to success is what I found rewarding, and is the key reason for the creation of Strand Consulting.

Offering Expertise In…

Strand Consulting offers a specialized knowledge base in the digital media and online advertising industries, particularly in early stage, rapid growth and pre-and post-merger environments.


Experienced at creating teams and improving efficiencies and effectiveness.

Human Resources

Equipped to support recruitment, onboarding and training, and culture and talent development.


Background developing best practices and optimizing sales ops and processes.


Skilled at managing individuals and teams to achieve goals and navigate through change.

Forward Progress, Guaranteed

The way Strand Consulting works is designed to ensure progress is made and to mitigate your risk.  Here are the steps we’ll follow:

  • Preliminary assessment discussions
  • Engagement
  • Diagnosis 
  • Solutions Proposal
  • Implementation
  • Transfer of expertise and results

Ready to catapult your business forward?